Cyperus dietrichiae

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Cyperus dietrichiae


Perennial with very short rhizome; Leaves herbaceous, flat, gradually acuminate, scabrid in the upper part, (1-)2-4(-7?) mm wide; Inflorescence simple or subcompound, loose. Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical, Australasia: Queensland (Queensland present), New Britain present, tropical Australia present
Tropical Australia (Queensland), in Malesia: New Britain, twice collected.


In habit, and by the narrow spikelets, the distant glumes, and the narrow nut, very similar to and therefore confused with C. distans L. ƒ., in which, however, the rachilla is persistent, the spikelets are c. 1 mm wide, the lowermost spikelets never strongly reflexed, the glumes shorter, more obtuse, with nerveless sides, and the rachilla-internodes and nuts shorter.


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