Osmoxylon teysmannii

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Osmoxylon teysmannii


A small, glabrous tree, 6 m. Leaves clustered at the ends of the branches; Inflorescence a terminal compound umbel, c. 10 cm ø; Stamens 7-8, filaments stout, anthers exserted. Ovary subcylindric, angled, c. 1.5 mm long, 7-8-celled; Fruit unknown.


Asia-Tropical, Kosali-Porema present, Mt Nokilalaki present, NW. Central Celebes present, Palu-Parigi present, SW. Celebes present, Tjamba present
Malesia: SW. Celebes (Tjamba, Kosali-Porema) and NW. Central Celebes (Palu-Parigi and Mt Nokilalaki).