Cyperus bulbosus

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Cyperus bulbosus


Perennial. Leaves several, often recurved, as long as or longer than the stem, gradually acuminate, scaberulous in the upper part, 1-2(-4) mm wide. Inflorescence simple, often imperfect (reduced to a spike) or with a few short rays, 2-3 by 1-3(-5) cm. Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical, Island of Damar Besar in Bay of Djakarta present, Lesser Sunda Is present, Madura present, S. Asia present, Timor present, Tropical Africa present, W. Java present, tropical Australia present
Tropical Africa, S. Asia, tropical Australia; in Malesia very rare: W. Java (Island of Damar Besar in Bay of Djakarta), Madura, Lesser Sunda Is. (Timor).


In the absence of the characteristic tubers, which is often the case in herbarium specimens, C. bulbosus may easily be confused with C. rotundus, but can be distinguished by the imperfection of the inflorescence, the spaced lower bracts, and the more distinctly nerved glumes.
In countries where the species is common the young tubers are eaten.


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