Amyema dilatipes

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Amyema dilatipes


Glabrous. Leaves ternate or quaternate; lamina narrowly ovate to elliptic, (2-)4-7 by 1.2-3 cm, shortly cuneate at the base to a petiole (2-)4-6 mm long, acute at the apex, glossy above, dull below; venation pinnate with the midrib distinct on both sides and the main laterals visible above. Inflorescences at the nodes and on the epicortical runners, pedunculate 14- to 22-rayed umbels of tetrads with the central flowers sessile; peduncle mostly 30-70 mm long, dilated up to 7 mm wide at the apex; rays 7-11 mm long; pedicels of the lateral flowers 3-5 mm long; bracts variously lobed, branched or twisted.


Eastern Highlands Province present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Eastern Highlands Province).


For a discussion of apparent phantom hybrids, see .


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