Stephania dictyoneura

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Stephania dictyoneura


Slender woody climber, entirely glabrous. Leaves: Fruits unknown.


Asia-Tropical, Central W. Sumatra present, Mt Singalang present
Malesia: Central W. Sumatra (Mt Singalang), only known from the type (BECCARI PS 8).


The specimens at Kew and Leiden are ster-ile but on one sheet of BECCARI PS 8 at Florence (FI) there is an incomplete female inflorescence which bears a single capitulum. This inflorescence arises from a leafless, slightly woody stem 3-4 mm Ø.
This species is closely related to S. capita ta (Bl.) SPRENG, which also has inflorescences composed of dense capitula. Stephania dictyoneura DIELS is easily distinguished from S. capitata by its more broadly shaped leaves, which show a prominent and close re-ticulation, and by the insertion of the petiole which is 3-7 mm from the base of the lamina.


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