Oreobolus kükenthalii

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Oreobolus kükenthalii


Leaves exactly distichous, as long as or longer than the stems, c. 1 mm wide; Inflorescence racemose, consisting of 2-3 distant fascicles of branches.


4th Div., N. side of Mt Murud present, Asia-Tropical: Borneo (Sarawak present); Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present), Gajo Lands present, Goh Lembuh present, Kemiri present, Mt Kerbau present, Mt Tahan present, Mts Losir present, N. Sumatra present, NW. Borneo present, Pahang present, Perak present
Malesia: N. Sumatra (Gajo Lands: Mts Losir, Kemiri, and Goh Lembuh), Malay Peninsula (Pahang: Mt Tahan; Perak: Mt Kerbau), NW. Borneo: Sarawak (4th Div., N. side of Mt Murud). .


Hitherto only known from N. Sumatra and Malaya; Mt Kinabalu is the westernmost locality of another species, O. ambiguus Kuk & Steen.


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