Archidendron ser. Clypeariae

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Archidendron ser. Clypeariae


Stipules, stipular scars and stipular glands absent. Inflorescences erect, terminal or axillary at the distal leaves, rarely ramiflorous below the leaves, consisting of panicles; Flowers bisexual, rarely male and female. Ovaries 1 or 2 per flower, stipitate (in Malesia). Seeds not imbedded in the pericarp.


Asia-Tropical: India present; Thailand (Thailand present), Burma present, Carolines present, Micronesia present, S China present, Solomon Islands present, West Malesia present
About 51 species, in India (3 or 4), Burma, Thailand, S China, Indo-China (c. 30), Micronesia (Carolines, 1), Solomon Islands (1); in Malesia 26 species, mainly in West Malesia.


See for the keys: 1: flowering, and 2: fruiting material.


1875 – In: Trans. Linn. Soc. p 570