Vaccaria hispanica

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Vaccaria hispanica


Annual, glabrous, glaucous herb. Leaves sessile, narrowly triangular, 2-9(-15) by 0.5-2 cm, diminishing upwards to small, scarious bracts in the distal part of the inflorescence. Inflorescence terminal, regularly dichasial, lax, richly branched; Petals pink(-white), lamina obovate, entire or emarginate, 6-8 by 5-7 mm. Seeds black, subglobose to reniform, 2-2.5 mm.


Asia-Tropical: Jawa (Jawa present), SE Europe, SW Asia, continental SE Asia present
Native of SE Europe and SW Asia Cosmopolitan weed in the warmer parts of the world seen to be spreading in continental SE Asia. In Malesia reported from Java.


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