Silene latifolia

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Silene latifolia


Leaves ovate-narrowly elliptic or ovate, cauline leaves sessile. Inflorescence few-flowered. Flowers large, opening in the evening, faintly scented. Petals usually white. Ovary ovoid; Capsule ovoid, 10-20 mm, dehiscing with 10 erect teeth. Seeds with plane faces and obtuse tubercles.


Asia-Tropical, Papua New Guinea present, western Europe
Originating from western Europe, spread as a weed and now almost cosmopolitan. In Malesia only recorded from Papua New Guinea as a wayside weed (seen from Chimbu Valley, 2300 and 2500 m altitude).


The introduced material seems to belong to subsp. alba (Miller) Greuter & Burdet, Willdenowia 12 (1982) 189.


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