Thysanotus tuberosus

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Thysanotus tuberosus


Leaves 2-6, erect, linear to terete, 20-50 cm by up to c. 1 mm broad. Ovary 1-1½ mm long; Capsule oblong, c. 5-6 mm long. Seeds up to 2 mm long.


Australasia, Mabaduan present, S. Papua New Guinea present, Wassi Kussa present, Western District present, all states except Tasmania present
Australia (all states except Tasmania) and S. Papua New Guinea (Western District: Wassi Kussa; Mabaduan).


Van Royen recorded in Queensland that the outside of the flowers was white with a green midrib and the anthers dark purplish green.
Payens (1957) recognized two varieties separable on flower size. Both occur in Australia but only var. parviflora Bth. in Papua. The material available is insufficient to justify recognition of these varieties.
In a recent revision of the genus Thysanotus N. H. Brittan () assigned the Papuan specimens to T. banksii R.Br., a name which since Bentham's Flora was considered a synonym. In the key it appears that the minute differential characters either do not hold or are inconsistent with the descriptions. I cannot accept T. banksii as a distinct species.
Six other synonyms based on extra-Malesian material are omitted from the synonymy.


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