? Guioa elegans

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? Guioa elegans



Known only from the type, which is lost, and it cannot be identified by its description. Plants identified as G. elegans by Hartley et al. () are Toechima erythrocarpum sub-sp. papuanum. Typical for G. elegans should be the small leaflets (6-8 by 1.5-2 cm) with revolute and sinuate margins, and the uninterrupted disc. The small leaflets with sinuate margins may be like those of G. amabilis, G. pseudoamabilis, or G. pteropoda (the latter a species also described by Radlkofer and therefore hardly likely to be identical to G. elegans). The first two have revolute margins and an uninterrupted disc; however, both are mountain species, and, moreover, G. amabilis is only found near the Anggi Lakes in the Vogelkop Peninsula (Irian Jaya).


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