Ginalloa nuda

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Ginalloa nuda


Plant slender, pendulous, 30-60 cm long. Leaves usually rudimentary, sometimes normally developed without regular pattern; normally developed leaves lanceolate, attenuate at the base to an obscure petiole 1-3 mm long, attenuate and finally shortly rounded at the apex, obscurely 3-nerved, 30-50 by 5-10 mm; rudimentary leaves 0.5-0.8 mm high. Inflorescences commonly axillary, sometimes terminal, solitary, 1.5-3 mm long, a spike of 2-3(-4) pairs of single flowers; internodes 0.6-1.2 mm long; bracteal cup c. 0.5 mm long, spreading. Fruit narrowly ellipsoid, smooth, red.


Borneo, recorded only from Mt Kinabalu present
Malesia: Borneo, recorded only from Mt Kinabalu.


Similar to Viscum spp. in the predominantly leafless state and short inflorescence, but the anther structure and persistent tepals are characteristic of Ginalloa. Similar to G. linearis, differing in larger leaves and mostly shorter, predominantly axillary inflorescences.