Dendropanax maingayi

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Dendropanax maingayi


Slender shrub to c. 1.5 m, with few branches. Leaves dispersed along the shoots; Flowers sexually dimorphic, males predominate in lateral umbellules. Petals triangular, c. 2.5 mm long. Stamens 5. Ovary 5-6-celled, reduced in male flowers, disk fleshy, conical; Fruit globose or ellipsoid, succulent, 5-6-ribbed when dry, c. 10 by 8 mm, crowned by the persistent spreading styles.


Asia-Tropical: Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present), Kedah present
Malesia: Malay Peninsula (from Kedah southwards).


Very like the next species in the general appearance of leaf and inflorescence. However, all specimens from the Malay Peninsula lack pellucid glands in the lamina of the leaf, whereas these are present in all specimens from Borneo.


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