Schoenus falcatus

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Schoenus falcatus


Perennial with short woody rhizome. Inflorescence paniculate, decompound, erect, rigid, narrow, rather loose, 20-40 cm long, consisting of up to 10 distant fascicles of branches. Stamens 3;


Anambas Is present, Asia-Tropical: Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present); New Guinea present; Thailand (Thailand present), Bukit Ketri present, Goroka Subdistr present, Hisiu present, Lesser Sunda Is present, Markham Valley present, Misool present, Morobe Distr present, NE. New Guinea present, Normanby I present, Papua present, Pedis present, Riouw Arch present, Rouffaer R present, Ryu Kyu Is present, Sepik Distr present, Solomon Is present, Southern America: Argentina Northeast (Formosa present), Sumba present, Tjikepuh present, Tonkin present, W. Highlands present, W. Java present, W. New Guinea present, Wassi Kussa R present, northern Australia present
From Northern Australia and the Solomon Is. to Thailand, Tonkin, Formosa, and the Ryu Kyu Is.; in Malesia’. Malay Peninsula (Pedis: Bukit Ketri), Riouw Arch. (Anambas Is.), W. Java (S. coast: Tjikepuh), Lesser Sunda Is. (Sumba), Misool, New Guinea (W. New Guinea: Rouffaer R.; NE. New Guinea: Sepik Distr.; W. Highlands: Goroka Subdistr.; Morobe Distr.; Markham Valley; Papua: Hisiu, Wassi Kussa R.), Normanby I.


Nomenclaturally the name Neolophocarpus tonquinensis (BOECK.) CAMUS belongs to Schoenus falcatus. The specimens cited in the Flore Générate de l’Indo-Chine, however, belong to Cladium mariscus (L.) POHL.


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