Paramapania flaccida

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Paramapania flaccida


Leaves linear, flat, rather abruptly acuminate, shortly caudate (the aculeate-scabrous tail 1-2 cm long), gradually narrowed towards the strongly conduplicate base, scabrous, on the margins only at the very top, pale green, fuscescent at the base, 10-20 cm by 7-14 mm. Inflorescence consisting of l(-3) spikelets; Flowers oblong, c. 3 mm long; Stamens 2.


Asia-Tropical, W. New Guinea present, along Rouffaer River present
Malesia: W. New Guinea (along Rouffaer River).


Only known from the type collection, DOCTERS VAN LEEUWEN 10413.
In appearance very similar to P. simplex, but distinguishable by the ancipitous scapes and the almost erostrate nuts.
The irrelevant specific epithet was obviously intended to refer to the compressed (Dutch ‘vlakke’), but not flaccid scapes.