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Tree. Branchlets terete, sinuous in appearance because of phyllotaxis, smooth, sericeous when young. Leaves paripinnate, without pseu-dostipules; Inflorescences ramiflorous, branching in axil, occasionally along rachis; Flowers apparently bisexual but presumably functionally male or female, zygomorphic. Sepals 5, imbricate, free, 2 outer ones smaller than 3 inner ones, inside and outside mainly basally sericeous, punctate. Petals 5, hardly clawed, pilose, punctate, (lower part of margins folded inwards); Stamens 7 (or 8?); Fruit an obovoid capsule, loculicidal, subcircular in transverse section, hardly stipitate, without wings, rough, not warty, outside and inside glabrous, black when dry, rather woody. Seeds subbasally attached on a funicle-like structure, obovoid, triangular in transverse section;


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines endemic)
Malesia: Philippines, endemic.


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