Oreobolus ambiguus

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Oreobolus ambiguus


Leaves exactly distichous, overtopping the stems, c. 1 mm wide; Inflorescence almost capitate, consisting of (1-)2-3 approximate subsessile spikelets.


Arfak Mts present, Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Lake Aunde near Mt Wilhelm present, Lake Habbema present, Latimodjong Range present, Mt Albert Edward present, Mt Dayman present, Mt Donana present, Mt Doorman present, Mt Kinabalu present, Mt Michael present, Mt Sarawaket present, N. Borneo present, NE. New Guinea present, Papua present, Pokapindjang present, Rante Mario present, SW. Celebes present, W. New Guinea present
Malesia: N. Borneo (Mt Kinabalu), SW. Celebes (Latimodjong Range: Pokapindjang, Rante Mario), New Guinea (W. New Guinea: Arfak Mts, Lake Habbema, Mt Doorman; NE. New Guinea: Mt Sarawaket; Papua: Mt Albert Edward, Lake Aunde near Mt Wilhelm, Mt Dayman, Mt Donana, Mt Michael). .


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