Ampelopteris prolifera

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Ampelopteris prolifera


Asia-Tropical, New Caledonia present, West Africa present, to 30°S present, tropical mainland Asia present
West Africa to N.E. Australia (to 30°S) and New Caledonia; widely in tropical mainland Asia; throughout Malesia but not often collected.


No distinct varieties have been observed. The unnumbered figure of a complete small plant on Hooker's plate (1861) represents Pronephrium hosei (BAK.) Holttum.


Bedd. 1864: Ferns S. India: t. 172
Presl 1883: Handb: 296: f. 153
v.A.v.R. 1908: Handb.: 504
Hook. 1861: 2nd Cent. Ferns: t. 15, f. 1-3, tantum.
Copel. 1960: Fern Fl. Philip.: 377
Backer & Posth. 1939: Varenfl. Java: 55
Holttum 1955 – In: Rev. Fl. Malaya: 299