Polyscias ledermannii

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Polyscias ledermannii


Glabrous tree, to 28 m, with few thick branches bearing terminal clusters of large leaves. Leaves imparipinnate, up to 1.25 m; Inflorescence a panicle; Flowers c. 8-12 in an umbellule, pedicels c. 5 mm. Petals 2½ mm long. Stamens 5. Ovary turbinate, 2 mm high, 3-4-celled, disk rising to the central styles. Fruit globose, 4-5 mm high (when dry), 3-4-ribbed, styles 3-4, divergent, persistent.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Vogelkop to Milne Bay present
Malesia: New Guinea (Vogelkop to Milne Bay).


A common small tree. Carr estimated the height of one specimen as 28 m, but most are considerably smaller. The flowers are described as green. The wood is soft and pale. The plant has a scent resembling celery.
The species closely resembles P. murrayi (F.v.M.) Harms from Queensland.


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