Ophiopogon japonicus

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Ophiopogon japonicus


Leaves numerous, linear, usually more or less straight, acute or subacute, usually minutely denticulate on vein and margin, usually with a distinct midrib, glaucous (waxy) on the lower surface, 18-60 cm by 1.5-3(-3.5) mm. Ovary inferior or semi-inferior; Seeds up to 6, glossy blue, globose or slightly ellipsoid, c. 4 mm long.


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Benguet Prov present, Japan present, Luzon present, Mindanao present, Mt Apo present, North Malesia present
Japan and North Malesia: Philippines (Luzon: Benguet Prov.; Mindanao: Mt Apo).


A commonly cultivated garden plant in Java and other places in Malesia, especially for lining borders, but never flowering in the lowland.


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