Distrianthes molliflora

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Distrianthes molliflora


Glabrous except for the young shoots, inflorescences and flowers shortly brown tomentose and the ovary and corolla usually clothed with silky hairs up to 2 mm long. Leaves opposite; lamina elliptic to ovate, 12-25 by 4-12 cm, cuneate to truncate at the base to a petiole 4-12 mm long, recurved at the margin, usually acuminate and acute at the apex, lustrous above, dull below; venation pinnate with the midrib and main laterals distinct above and prominent below. Inflorescencess few at the nodes and scattered along the epicortical runners; peduncle c. 2 mm long, dilated upwards, 2-4 mm wide at apex; central bracts ovate, 12-30(-40) mm long, 4-12 mm wide, acute, often with sutures not visible, later separating nearly to the base or splitting irregularly, orange or red; lateral bracts slender, acute, 1-10 mm long.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present
Malesia: New Guinea.


For comment on conspecificity with Distrianthes lamii and D. spathata, see Barlow (1974).


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