Myristica incredibilis

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Myristica incredibilis


Tree 8 m. Leaves chartaceous, (ovate-)elliptic, 12-17 by 6-8.5 cm, base (shallowly) cordate, the blade ± narrowed towards the blunt apex; Inflorescences between the leaves, densely pubescent, as in Knema but pedunculate; Fruits (doubtful, see note 1) ovoid, 2 by 1.5 cm, apex rounded, base (broadly) rounded, hairs dense, 1 mm;


Asia-Tropical, E Papua New Guinea present, Louisiade Archipelago present, Rossel I present
Malesia: E Papua New Guinea (Louisiade Archipelago: Rossel I.); known only from the type.


2 Myristica incredibilis is, particularly in habit, reminiscent of M. schleinitzii, mainly on account of the resembling leaves with cordate base and rounded apex. It has the general features of male inflorescences and flowers in common with M. inopinata, but the latter differs markedly in the distinct, acute, sterile apex of the synandrium. Myristica schleinitzii differs in its (nearly) glabrous papillose leaves, smaller flowers, and the glabrous or finely stellate-hairy androphore. Possibly M. incredibilis is of a hybrid origin, both species occurring in the same region. 1 The species is described from a single male flowering collection. According to the herbarium label the fruit is orange. The specimen in L has a separate single mature fruit which, by necessity, was collected from another tree and hence may belong to a different species. It cannot be matched with fruits of a known species; it approaches that of M. chrysophylla, but is smaller and has shorter hairs.