Kadsura borneensis

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Kadsura borneensis


Woody vines. Leaves highly coriaceous, 17-22 jum thick; lamina elliptic to ovate, (10.5—)12—17.5(—21.5) by 6.5-11(-15) cm, length: width ratio (l.l-)1.5-1.9(-2.2); primary vein (highly) impressed above, very prominent below; secondary veins (5-)7-8 (-9) pairs, arcuate; base obtuse to truncate; apex acute to acuminate; margin entire; petiole (14.5-)16.5-32 mm long, 1.6-3.6 mm diameter. Flowers either borne solitary in axils of leaves or in axils of fugaceous bracts, on young growth; peduncle very short, 0-1.9 (-4.4) mm long. Fruit with c. 35 berries, ripening reddish-purple, (10.5-)14-22(-24) by (9—)9.5—11.5 (-12.5) mm, length: width ratio (1.0-)1.3-2.3, berries sessile, pericarp greatly thickened distally, with basal locule and seeds. Seeds 1 per berry, reniform, c. 7.4 by 8.0 mm, length: width ratio c. 0.9.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo (Sabah present)
Malesia: Borneo (Sabah, in vicinity of Mt Kinabalu).


The pollen morphology of Kadsura borneensis is described in detail by