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Trees or rarely shrubs. Leaves spirally arranged, paripinnate, 1-6-jugate, without pseudo-stipules; Inflorescences axillary to pseudoterminal, rarely ramiflorous; Flowers seemingly bisexual, probably functionally unisexual. Petals (2-)5(-6), slightly longer to slightly shorter than the calyx; Stamens 8 (6-10); Ovary sessile, 2- or 3-locular, smooth, hairy; Ovules 1 per locule. Fruits with 1-3 well-developed lobes, loculicidal, central axis not thickened transversely, [in A. bullata and A. macrobotrys opening irregularly (loculicidal), central axis thickened transversely,] short- or long-stipitate, dissepiments complete, lobes laterally not or slightly flattened; Seeds (partly) covered by an apically open arillode, consisting of 1 or 2 layers, the outer or only one soft, yellow, the inner one firm, dark brown when dry;


Asia-Temperate:, Hainan (Hainan present) Asia-Tropical:, Bismarck Archipelago (Bismarck Archipelago present); New Guinea present Australasia: NE India: present Pacific: present SE Asia: present Solomon Islands: present present
One widespread species from NE India throughout SE Asia up to Hainan and eastward across Malesia up to the Solomon Islands; in New Guinea (including the Bismarck Archipelago) 12 additional species, of which 4 also in Australia, and 1 other also in the Solomon Islands. Seven additional species in Australia, eight more in the Pacific.


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