Scleria pygmaeopsis

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Scleria pygmaeopsis


Very slender, glabrous annual. Leaves very acute, scaberulous on the margins near the top, otherwise smooth, 3-5 cm by 1½-2 mm; Inflorescence occupying by far the greater part of the stem, composed of 3-8 small axillary clusters 1-2 cm remote;


Asia-Tropical, East Sumba present, Lesser Sunda Is present
Malesia: Lesser Sunda Is. (East Sumba), once collected.


Closely related to the Australian S. pygmaea R.BR. () from which it differs by the slenderer habit, the quite entire glumes, and especially by the somewhat smaller, etuberculate nut with obsolete triangular disk. In S. pygmaea the glumes are often slightly 3-lobed (side-lobes small, obtuse, more rarely absent), and the nut is about 4/5 mm long and wide, tuberculate, with 3 crescent-shaped swellings at the base which surround the disk.