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Large trees. Leaves spirally arranged, clustered at end of branches, glabrous, broadly obovate, margins serrate-crenulate, decurrent onto petiole. Inflorescences terminal or lateral racemes to 20 cm long, erect, few-flowered. Flowers sessile. Petals 4, alternate with sepals. Stamens numerous, inserted in 5-8 whorls, fused at base into a short tube, the innermost whorl staminodal; Ovary inferior, 4(-5)-locular; Fruits ovoid-globose, to 6 cm long. Seeds numerous, embedded in a pulp;


Afghanistan present, Andaman Islands present, Asia-Tropical: India present; Thailand (Thailand present), extreme north of Peninsular Malaysia present
Four species in Afghanistan, India and Andaman Islands to Thailand and one species reaching the extreme north of Peninsular Malaysia.


Closely related to Planchonia and differs only in the undifferentiated embryo without cotyledons.


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