Schisandra elongata

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Schisandra elongata


Woody vines, monoecious. Leaves papyraceous, ocasionally membraneous, (3.5-)5-10 µm thick; lamina ovate, occasionally elliptic, (7-)9-12(-15) by (3.5-)4.5-7(-8.5) cm, length:width ratio (1.5-)1.7-2.1(-2.5); primary vein slightly impressed to impressed above, prominent below; secondary veins (3-)4-5 pairs, arcuate; base obtuse to truncate (acute in younger leaves), often short-decurrent; apex acuminate; margin denticulate, occasionally entire, 0-11(-15) teeth; petiole (13-)16-25(-46) mm long, (0.6-)0.7-1.1 (-1.5) mm diameter. Flowers borne axillary to leaves on young growth, solitary; pedicel (24-)30-40(-65) mm long, (0.2-)0.3-0.6(-0.7) mm diameter. Fruit pedicel elongated, 40-67 mm long; torus 31-75 mm long; berries 10-20 (possibly more), 6.8-8.6 by 4.5-6.2 mm, length: width ratio (1.1-)1.5-1.8, berries borne on short stipes 1.3-2.3 mm long. Seeds 2 per berry, discoid, 2.6-3.3 by 2.8-3.3 mm, length:width ratio 0.9-1.0.


Asia-Tropical: Jawa (Jawa endemic)
Malesia: endemic to Java.


Although there are numerous reports of S. elongata from the Himalayas and Yunnan, Smith ( I.c.) has shown that these refer to S. neglecta A.C. Sm. The 'S. elongata' pollen described by J. Praglowski represents S. neglecta.


Blume 1830: Fl. Javae: 17: t. 5.
Backer 1911: Schoolfl. Java: 16
Steenis 1972: Mountain Fl.Java: t. 2.10.
Backer & Bakh. f. 1963 – In: Fl. Java: 99
A.C.Sm. 1947 – In: Sargentia: 120