Thottea triserialis

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Thottea triserialis


Shrublet of 120 cm high. Leaves chartaceous, elliptic, broad-elliptic, slightly obovate, or ovate, 23-34 by 11-23 cm; Inflorescences in the axils of foliage leaves or their scars, spiciform, solitary or fasciculate, 3-5 cm long, pubescent; Stamens in 3 whorls: Capsule (very young) siliquiform, 12 cm long, pubescent. Seeds flat (?).


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present (Sarawak present), G. Pueh present, Lundu Distr present
Malesia: Borneo (Sarawak: Lundu Distr.; G. Pueh). Twice collected.


Vegetatively not distinguishable from T. macrophylla and T. robusta. The inner surface of the perianth is glabrous; it is densely hairy in the other two species (glandular hairs in the former, mainly hooked-hairy ones in the latter). The stamens are arranged in 3 whorls, a unique character in the genus.