Myristica vinkeana

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Myristica vinkeana


Tree 17 m tall. Leaves thinly coriaceous, elliptic-oblong, 8-15 by 2-4.5 cm, base (short-)attenuate, apex acute or (long-)acumi-nate; Inflorescences between the lower leaves, with dense hairs 0.1 mm; of the Knema-type: a sessile scar-covered brachyblast, less than 1 mm long; Fruits (immature) sessile, solitary, just below the leaves, ± (ovoid-) ellipsoid, 3 by 1.5 cm, apex somewhat acute, base shortly narrowed;


Asia-Tropical, Papua Barat present, Wissel Lake region present
Malesia: Papua Barat (Wissel Lake region).


Close to M. crassipes, which differs in its larger male flowers with (sub)cadu-cous bracteole, and less hairy androphore.