Asparagus cochinchinensis

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Asparagus cochinchinensis


Plant dioecious. Seeds 1-4, globose or angled, c. 2-3 mm ø.


Asia-Temperate: Korea present; Taiwan (Taiwan present), Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Benguet Prov present, Japan present, N. Luzon present, Ryu Kyu Is present, S. China present
Korea, Japan, Ryu Kyu Is., S. China, Indo-China, Taiwan; in Malesia: Philippines (N. Luzon: Benguet Prov.), one record (Loher 1928), probably from above 1200 m.


The recorded flower colours may be misleading. It is possible that the segments are white with a green or yellow-green band.
Gagnep ain recorded that the flowers were unisexual. I have seen insufficient material to determine whether the plants are always dioecious or to confirm that the flowers are always functionally unisexual, but in all flowers I examined one sex appeared to be rudimentary.


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