Horsfieldia subtilis var. rostrata

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Horsfieldia subtilis var. rostrata


Leaves chartaceous to coriaceous, cuneate-obovate, 9-13 by 2-4.5 cm, apex shortly acute-acuminate. Fruits ellipsoid, (apex 2 mm rostrate) 2 by 1.2 cm, including the 2-4 mm long pseudostalk.


'Etappenberg' present, Asia-Tropical, NE Papua New Guinea present, Sepik Prov present
Malesia: NE Papua New Guinea (Sepik Prov., 'Etappenberg'; known only from the type).


Markgraf, I.e., described the perianth of the female flowers {Ledermann 8916, lost) as pilose inside, which is highly remarkable, and the ovary and fruits as glabrous.


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