Schoenus longibracteatus

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Schoenus longibracteatus


Perennial with short rhizome. Leaves about as long as the stems, rigid, very narrow, deeply channelled, with scaberulous margins, 1-2 mm wide; Inflorescence racemose or subpaniculate, narrow, very loose, 6-10(-20?) cm long, consisting of 2-4 distant fascicles of branches. Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical, Mt Doorman present, Mt Kinabalu present, N. Borneo present, W. New Guinea present
Malesia: N. Borneo (Mt Kinabalu), W. New Guinea (Mt Doorman).


KÜKENTHAL placed S. longibracteatus with doubt in sect. Nudicaules. In my opinion its close affinity to S. curvulus is evident. According to KÜKENTHAL S. neoguinensis is close to S. curvulus. The description agrees in almost every detail with that of S. longibracteatus. I do not hesitate to unite S. neoguinensis with S. longibracteatus, although the spikelets in the former are somewhat larger.


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