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Shrub with large, simple, exstipulate leaves. Inflorescence axillary; Petals 5 or 6, valvate, triangular. Stamens 5 or 6, filaments thick, anthers large, dorsifixed. Ovary inferior, broadly obconic, (4-)5-6-celled. Fruit broadly obovoid, strongly ribbed when dry;


Asia-Tropical, West New Guinea present
Malesia: West New Guinea. Monotypic.


The large, simple, oblanceolate leaves clustered at the ends of the branches recall Meryta, but the flowers do not share the highly distinctive features of that genus. The floral and fruit characters are not unlike those of Polyscias (e.g. there is an articulation below the flower, the style arms are free, and the endosperm is smooth), but the general facies is unlike that genus, and this, together with the distinctive inflorescence and leaf, make the plant quite distinct from any species of Polyscias.