Sindora affinis

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Sindora affinis


Tree up to 35 m high and 60 cm in diam. Leaves (3-) 4- or 5- (6-)jugate; petiole 1.5 — 3( — 5) cm and rachis 4-14 cm long, slightly puberulous, glabrescent, or almost glabrous. Stipules caducous, not seen. Inflorescences paniculate, 9-20 cm long, the lateral branches up to 5 cm long, both rachis and branches densely tawny puberulous, moderately flowered; bracts and bracteoles lanceolate, 3-4 mm long, densely puberulous; pedicels 1 — 3( — 5) mm, densely puberulous. Petal elliptic, 8 by 2-3 mm, fleshy; outside densely puberulous and inside glabrous, margin villose. Stamens: free filaments and staminodes up to c. 12 mm, sparsely hairy often at the lower part or at base, or glabrous; 2 largest anthers ellipsoid, c. 2 mm long, the others (much) smaller, up to 0.75 mm long. Ovary subsessile or very shortly stiped, ovate-rhomboid, c. 2 mm long, densely woolly, 5- or 6-ovuled; style up to c. 15 mm, glabrous; stigma small. Seeds only very young ones seen.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo (Kalimantan present, Sabah present)
Malesia: Borneo (Sabah, Kalimantan).