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(Small) trees. Branchlets terete, more or less straight, pith narrow. Leaves paripinnate, pseudostipules absent; Inflorescences pseudoterminal or axillary or ramiflorous thyrses, branches with scale-like hairs; Sepals 5, pet-aloid, connate at base, biseriate. Petals 5; Stamens 8; Ovary 3-locular, one ovule per locule; Fruits capsular, obovoid, loculicidal, not winged, stipe slender, outside and inside glabrous. Seeds obovoid, covered by an arillode;


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Australasia
8 species: 6 in Australia, 2 in Malesia: New Guinea.


Only two specimens of Lepiderema are known from New Guinea, both being the types of the two Malesian species.


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