Amyema wichmannii

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Amyema wichmannii


Glabrous except for a few cilia on the bracts. Leaves opposite; lamina broadly lanceolate to almost orbicular, mostly 4-10 cm long, mostly 2-4 cm wide, cuneate at the base to a petiole 2-8 mm long, usually acute or obtuse with a small mucro at the apex, lustrous above, dull below; venation pinnate, mostly obscure. Inflorescences at the nodes, pedunculate 6- to 12-rayed umbels of triads with all flowers pedicellate or the central flowers sessile; peduncle mostly 22-40 mm long, dilated up to 3 mm wide at the apex; rays mostly 6-10 mm long; pedicels of the central flowers 0-4 mm long; pedicels of the lateral flowers 1.5-5 mm long; bracts with rounded dorsal protuberances.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present
Malesia: New Guinea.


There are two subspecies which differ in inflorescence characters and have geographic separation; for discussion see ; . Related to Amyema dilatipes and A. pachypus; for discussion see .


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