Aristolochia jackii

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Aristolochia jackii


Undershrub, spreading or twining, up to 10 m high. Leaves chartaceous or subcoriaceous, broadly or transversely ovate or suborbicular in outline, 11-23 by 15-24 cm, deeply 3-lobed, in shape often reminding of the letter 'W, glabrous; Inflorescences in axils of foliage leaves, spiciform or racemiform, up to c. 7 (-25) cm long, internodes distinct; Stamens 6; Capsules oblong, 5-6 by 2.5 cm, 6-angular, glabrous. Seeds triangular-orbicular, 4-5 by 5-7 mm (excl. wing), lower surface smooth except a few warts at the apical and basal ends, upper surface slightly ridged at the centre;


Asahan present, Asia-Tropical: Borneo present (Sabah present); Jawa (Jawa present); Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present, Singapore present); New Guinea present, Hort. Bog cultivated, Jarak I. in Malacca Strait present, Labuan present, Madang Distr present, Medan present, Mt Wilis present, N. Palawan present, N. Sumatra present, NW. Kalimantan present, Natal present, Njarumkop present, Nusa Kambangan I present, Pahang present, Preanger present, SW. Philippines present, Sepik present, Sibolangit present, Tuaran present
Malesia: N. Sumatra (Medan, Sibolangit, Asahan, Natal), Malay Peninsula (Pahang, Jarak I. in Malacca Strait, Singapore), Java (Preanger, Nusa Kambangan I., Mt Wilis), Borneo: Sabah (Labuan, Tuaran), NW. Kalimantan (Njarumkop), SW. Philippines (N. Palawan), New Guinea (?) (Sepik and Madang Distr.). Cultivated in Hort. Bog. sub n. XV-D-46.


Closely related to A. curtisii, sharing deeply digitately 3-lobed leaves, spaced flowers and bracts, and a 1-lipped perianth, but easily distinguished from it by a truncate, emarginate or subcordate leaf base, much smaller bracts (c. 1.5 mm), a longer perianth (7.5-11 cm), and winged seeds.
Professor JUMALON (Cebu-city, Philippines), who raised plants from seeds from Palawan, recorded that leaves can attain 50 by 30 cm, or even more.


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