Arthrophyllum ahernianum

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Arthrophyllum ahernianum


Tree up to 15 m, young parts with rufous tomentum. Leaves clustered at the ends of the branches, multijugate, up to 200 by 60 cm; Inflorescence a whorl of specialized leafy branches forming a terminal crown; Petals 5, 4 mm long. Stamens 5, anthers curved. Ovary turbinate; Fruit c. 10 by 7 mm, ellipsoidal, calyx and stylopodium forming a prominent beak.


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), N. Borneo present, Talaud present, Ternate present, northern Moluccas present
Malesia: N. Borneo and throughout the Philippines to the northern Moluccas (Talaud, Ternate).


This species replaces the more westerly 9. A. diversifolium which it closely resembles. It is characteristically larger in all its parts, particularly in the size of the individual flowers and the length of their pedicels. There are fewer flowers in an umbellule.
The distinction between these two species is not always easy to make, especially when the material is fragmentary; Philipson, l.c. A few specimens from the Philippines appear very similar to A. diversifolium, and it is possible that this species extends beyond Borneo. I have regarded them as part of the range of variation of A. ahernianum. Similarly, at least one specimen from S. Borneo approaches A. ahernianum in appearance.


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