Bothriospermum zeylanicum

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Bothriospermum zeylanicum


Annual, with numerous stems and subappressed hairs that are only more patent in the petioles and leaf margins. Basal leaves soon dry and often vanishing, stem leaves 15-30 by 3-8 mm, decreasing in size upwards, with wavy margin and acute apex, the lower ones stalked, ovate-lanceolate to lanceolate, the upper ones sessile, lanceolate. Inflorescence leafy, leaves 7-8 mm by c. 2 mm. Flowers not strictly axillary; pedicels 3-5 mm long.


Afghanistan present, Asia-Tropical: India present; Jawa (Jawa present); Pakistan (Pakistan present); Philippines (Philippines present), China and adjacent parts of the former URSS present, Japan present
Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China and adjacent parts of the former URSS, Japan; Malesia: Java (naturalized, according to Backer & Bakh. f., I.c.), Philippines.


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Backer & Bakh.f. 1965 – In: Fl. Java: 463