Dictyoneura acuminata subsp. acuminata

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Dictyoneura acuminata subsp. acuminata


Inflorescences mostly ± strongly branched, sometimes simple. Fruits from green through yellow and orange to red and finally brownish, 1- (rarely 2-)seeded, 9-14(-20) by 8-14(-20) mm, wall l-1.5(-3) mm thick. Seeds subellipsoid, 8-12 by 5.5-8 mm, sarcotesta covering (25-)45-60% of the seed, dorsally interrupted by a (very) wide cuneate cleft;


Asia-Tropical: Maluku (Maluku present); Philippines (Philippines present), Buru present, C and S Celebes present, Ceram present, E Borneo present, Halmahera present, NE New Guinea present
Malesia: E Borneo, Philippines, C and S Celebes, Moluccas (Buru, Ceram, Halmahera), NE New Guinea.


1. The distribution of subsp. acuminata shows a gap between the Moluccas and the Sepik area in New Guinea. The Sepik collection (Ledermann 10047) deviates from all other collections in its densely puberulous axes and its well developed domatia.
2. Although the fruits and seeds show very little variation, there are a few deviating specimens: BS 33717 has exceptionally large fruits up to 20 mm in diam.; Binnendijk 14346 and de Vogel 3207 have fruits with walls up to 3 mm thick, usually the walls are 1-1.5 mm thick. The fruits of de Vogel 3207 are not scaly outside but have dense yellow hairs. Kjellberg 2867 has a very short sarcotesta covering the seed for less than 30%.