Podocarpus sect. Rumphius

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Podocarpus sect. Rumphius


Leaves linear, sometimes larger than average for the genus, acute or on juvenile specimens sometimes slightly acuminate, narrowing more or less abruptly at the base to a 4-16 mm petiole, stiff, mostly with a continuous upper hypoderm, midrib blunt above, at least 0.7 mm wide, broader and sometimes almost flat below, usually three vascular resin canals. Seed with its covering globular, at least 8 mm long, larger in P. rumphii.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, fringes of Asia present, northern Borneo present, northern Queensland present
One very widespread species from the fringes of Asia through New Guinea and two localized species, one in northern Borneo and the other in northern Queensland. In Malesia 2 spp.


A transitional section which shares multiple clustered pollen cones with sect. Polystachyus, but lacks the purple fruit of that section and shares the spherical developing pollen cone buds with sect. Globulus along with generally broad and blunt upperside of the midribs. The ecology and large linear leaves are somewhat distinct.