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Tree. Leaves spirally arranged, entire, coriaceous, penninerved, petioled. Flowers bisexual, generally pedicelled, uni- or biseriate towards the ± recurved end of secondary peduncles, the latter 3 or 4 as a cross-like umbel on top of a common axillary and solitary peduncle. Petals (4-)5, oblong, valvate, free in the uppermost part, remaining connate below at full anthesis, apex inflexed, with a conspicuous midrib inside, caducous. Stamens (4-)5, inserted at the very base of the petals; Ovary ovoid-conical, apex truncate, i.e. inverted there and forming a kind of cup, with the small hardly bilobed unilateral stigma on its inner edge. Seed 1, ellipsoid-subquadrangular, with a lengthwise depression around the middle;


Solomon Islands present
Monotypic, hitherto only known from the Solomon Islands.