Albizia acle

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Albizia acle


Tree with flattish crown, up to 25 m high, stem 80(-125) cm in diameter. Branchlets terete, coarsely lenticellate by reddish, round lenticels, sparsely puberulous, glabrescent. Leaves sparsely puberulous, glabrescent; Stipules triangular, caducous, less than 0.5 mm. Inflorescences composed of densely puberulous pedunculate glomerules, these clustered on branch- lets c. 1-2 cm long, leafless or occasionally with developing leaves; Flowers pentamerous, bisexual, dimorphic. Stamens whitish, c. 20 mm, tube equalling the corolla-tube. Ovary sessile, c. 2 mm, glabrous. Seeds blackish, suborbicular, ellipsoid, or ovoid-ellipsoid, c. 21-22 by 12.5-14 by 16-19 mm, sometimes irregularly shaped;


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), N Luzon present, Negros present, Palawan present, SE Celebes present
Malesia: Philippines (N Luzon to Palawan and Negros), SE Celebes.


Recorded to be one of the best cabinet woods; heartwood durable, with a warm-brown colour and a beautiful grain like Walnut. Used for interior finish, panelling and high-grade furniture.


For typification see Nielsen, l.c.


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