Cerastium glomeratum

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Cerastium glomeratum


Annual herb. Leaves light green or yellowish green, lower ones obovate-spathulate, higher ones elliptic to obovate, obtuse or acute, pilose. Inflorescences many-flowered, congested when young, later more lax; Sepals 3-5 mm, oblong-narrowly elliptic, with or without a scarious margin, glandular-pilose and with a tuft of long eglandular hairs at apex. Petals 3.5-4 mm, rarely longer and rarely absent, claws with a few cilia. Capsule 6-8 mm, opening by teeth with revolute margins. Seeds pale brown, finely tuberculate, c. 0.5 mm.


Asia-Tropical: Jawa (Jawa present); Philippines (Philippines present), Cibodas present, Morobe Province present, Mt Lawu present, Papua New Guinea present, Tengger present
Cosmopolitan in temperate and subtropical climates, rare in the tropics. In Malesia only found in a few places on Java (Tengger, Cibodas, Mt Lawu), the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea (Morobe Province).


This species has been divided into several infraspecific taxa based on European material. A revision of the Asian material is still much needed. In Malesia, where most material can be referred to forma apetalum (Dum.) Murbeck, both introduced and indigenous populations may occur.


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