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Climbers with copious white latex. Leaves opposite; Inflorescence of axillary and/or terminal cymes; Sepals usually slightly connate at base, not clasping base of corolla; Stamens free from the style head, completely included in the corolla tube, inserted around the middle or in lower half of corolla tube; Ovary syncarpous, unilocular with 2 parietal placentas, glabrous; Fruit a berry/capsule, fleshy when young; Seeds with a corky aril;


Asia-Tropical, Southeast Asia present, through Malesia to New Guinea present
14 species in Southeast Asia and through Malesia to New Guinea. All species in Malesia.


1 Species delimitation in this account is quite different from the recent account by and care should be exercised when comparing the two. 2 A seedling identified as Chilocarpus obtusifolius due to its close proximity to a mature adult had much narrower leaves than the adult. This may be true in other species too.


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