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Trees. Leaves spirally arranged, entire, penninerved, nigrescent. Flowers bisexual, in terminal and axillary corymbs (in Mal.), small, cylindric in bud, articulate with the short pedicel. Petals (4-)5, free or a little coherent at base, valvate in bud, finally spreading, linear, glabrous, obscurely keeled on the inner side, with a shortly inflexed apex. Stamens 5, almost as long as the petals; Ovary oblique, with an unilateral swelling; Seed 1, compressed, ovate-reniform, testa thin.


Africa present, Asia-Tropical, Australasia: Queensland (Queensland present), SE. Asia present
Two spp., one in Queensland, one from Malesia through SE. Asia to Africa.


SLEUM. 1969 – In: Blumea. p 184