Cyperus rotundus subsp. retzii

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Cyperus rotundus subsp. retzii


Differs from subsp. rotundus by its stouter habit (stems 50-75 cm tall);


Africa present, Alor present, Asia-Tropical: India present, Australasia, Bogor Botanic Gardens on a compost heap present, E. New Guinea present, Lesser Sunda Is present, New Britain present, tropical S. America present
India; widely spread in Australia; according to KÜKENTHAL, l.c., in tropical S. America and widely spread in Africa; in Malesia: Lesser Sunda Is. (Alor), E. New Guinea, New Britain; a specimen collected in the Bogor Botanic Gardens on a compost heap may be introduced.


Difficult to distinguish from stout forms of C. rotundus subsp. rotundus, and hardly if at all from C. rotundus subsp. tuberosus (ROTTB.) KÜK. (C. tuberosus ). See S. T. BLAKE, l.c. 13, who takes C. rotundus, C. retzii, and C. tuberosus for separate species.
The bright colour of the spikelets is similar to that of C. esculentus, with which species C. rotundus subsp. retzii is often confused.


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