Myristica villosa

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Myristica villosa


Tree (5-) 10-40 m. Leaves chartaceous or thinly coriaceous, (elliptic-)oblong, (15-)20-40 by 6-13 cm, base acute or narrowly rounded, apex acute(-acuminate); Inflorescences between the leaves or below, of the Knema-type: a sessile scar-covered brachyblast, pubescent; Fruits 1 or 2 per infructescence, subsessile, broadly (ovoid-)ellipsoid, apex rounded or narrowed with somewhat uncinate apex, 4-6(-8) by 2.5-4(-4.5) cm, hairs dense, pale brown or rust-coloured, somewhat hispid, 2-3(-4) mm;


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present
Malesia: throughout Borneo.


A homogeneous species, distinguishable by the subpersistent conspicuous indumentum of lower leaf surface, midrib (also above), twig apex, and flowers, by the flaking dark brown or blackish bark of older twigs, by the sessile fatua-typt of inflorescences, and by the ± asymmetrical coarsely hairy fruits.


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