Osmoxylon lanceolatum

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Osmoxylon lanceolatum


Small tree with few branches, up to 16 m, glabrous. Many leaves clustered towards the ends of the branches; Inflorescence a terminal compound umbel, almost sessile, saucer-shaped; Stamens c. 5. Ovary gibbous, c. 1.5 mm high, 4-celled. Fruit unknown.


Asia-Tropical, Namatanai Subdistr., Danfu R. area, inland from Manga present, New Ireland present
Malesia: New Ireland (Namatanai Subdistr., Danfu R. area, inland from Manga).


The bark is pale grey, ± smooth with fine cracks. The twigs and cut branches are strongly aromatic. The wood is soft and dark straw- coloured. The central branches of the inflorescence rays are held ± horizontally or depressed and come to maturity before the lateral branches which are held erect.