Lepinia solomonensis

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Lepinia solomonensis


Tree to 12 m tall. Bark grey, rough. Leaves: Inflorescence with a peduncle and two short branches, to 27 cm long. Sepals ovate, 1-1.3 by 1.1-1.8 mm, apex rounded to obtuse, glabrous, ciliate. Stamens inserted around the middle of corolla tube. Fruit with 2-4 parts, sometimes other carpels not developing but still joined in the basket structure, fruit stalks 8.2-18 cm long, fruits 3.8-6 cm by 5-8 mm, cylindrical and tapering at stalk end.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Bougainville present, Milne Bay Province present, Papua present, Papua New Guinea present, Sarmi Province present, Solomon Islands present
Solomon Islands; in Malesia: New Guinea (Papua (Sarmi Province)) and Papua New Guinea, Milne Bay Province, Bougainville.


The material from Malesia is very scanty and this description includes dimensions of plants from the Solomon Islands. Almost all the material known of this species is in fruit.


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